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That building is wearing a mask.

This is the kind of low road architecture that embraces the changing pace and needs of the people who live in a building. New purposes wrapping a building’s original intention. Walls made of materials a couple of people can carry and that you can cut with a saw.

A building doesn’t need to die with the purpose that built it. Let the bones and structure that hold it together show enough so that the next occupant can imagine how to work around them. Great neighborhoods grow  over time. Depth and purpose layered on the successes and failures of past attempts. The first shadow of a well built and scaled building will still show up many many many iterations in the future.

It looked like these buildings had grown new organs. Their eyes hidden behind a gas mask and snorkel, cyborg but still human because they smelled like cooking meat. This row of houses in a ward of Kyoto called Higashiyama had changed into new costumes. A kind of unconscious reference to the theatrical undercurrent of that neighborhood.

Pickle Store in Nishiki Market


Setting up big vats of pickles in the early hours before the crowds arrive. Nishiki Market – Kyoto.

Drawing in the Gion

Possibly the most beautiful street I have ever seen…

You can see the actual locations here on google maps.